Ordinary Suicide



 Jack Dillon arrested the alluring Deja’ for first degree murder--then he married her. After failing to kill him, she left town in search of a rare necklace. He followed her from Chicago to Indonesia; where a Buddhist monk set himself on fire in the middle of the street. That revered monk once owned the very necklace that she was crazed to find. 


Prologue (1940)                                   1

Jack (Chicago, Years later)             8

World’s Fair, New York City       27

The Fiance’                                            50  

The Postcard                                        82

Indochina                                               83

The Boss                                                 87 

The Visitor                                          104 

The Reunion                                      108

The Workers                                     113

The Boss                                              119

The Scene                                           120

Chi Fat                                                  130  

Flashback                                            138

Indochina (present day)             155

Winnie                                                  158

Indochina (present day)             175

Hawaii                                                   185

Union Station                                    199

Hello                                                       205

Afterthought                                     212





Burn Marks



 Five short stories that deal with famous events in American history.





Ethel--letters of innocence